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Public Liability Insurance for tradesmen can vary greatly in costs.

It is worth while taking a just few minutes to fill in one simple form and get several quotes from specialist companies.

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VAT Rises By 14%

Surviving the VAT Increase

The impact of the 14.28% rise in the rate of VAT will affect everyone in the UK from consumer to sole trader and small business to multinational enterprise.  Yes, pilule that is correct, order raising the level of VAT from 17.5% to 20% is an increase of 14.28% and the knock on effect is something we will all have to adjust to if we are to survive the transition.

It is not just the increase in the level of VAT by from 17.5% to 20% itself that is the problem.  It is that this increase will put up the cost of raw materials, production, marketing and distribution.  All of these increases must then either be absorbed by the supplier reducing profit margins or passed on to the consumer, who for the most part has a limited amount of disposable income, hence changing their purchasing priorities.

Surviving the impact of the VAT increase involves taking proactive measures.  Failure to react could result in businesses being trapped in a downward spiral.  Simply increasing the cost of your product or service by the amount of VAT increase may not be enough, especially if you yourself are not VAT registered.  Increasing the cost might also make you uncompetitive and reduce your overall turnover.

Here are some tips to help you adjust and prosper:

  • Review your supplier’s costs, terms and delivery.
  • Source new suppliers and negotiate better deals.
  • Increase productivity.
  • Review your marketing strategy and make it more cost effective.
  • Widen your marketplace using the internet to reach consumers.
  • Research your competitor’s prices, quality and marketing methods.
  • Test market your products and or services to establish the optimum price.
  • Do your accounts daily and review the reports they generate.
  • Get feedback from customers and react to what they tell you.
  • Go over these steps in regular intervals to improve your position.

Biz Info Shop has a number of products and services, two of them are listed below, which could help you manage your business.

BIZ Bookkeeping is excellent online software which is easy to use, even if you have little or no accounting training, it starts from under £1 per week is a good way to stay on top of your finances.  There is a 14 day free trial with absolutely no obligation.

Insurance prices are escalating and you should always shop around for the best deals to suit your requirements.  BIZ Insurance Quick Quote is an insurance comparison site where you simply fill in one form to receive multiple quotes from specialist insurance companies.  There is no charge to use this service and no obligation to purchase anything.  It is quick and easy to use.  When you receive the quotes compare them to your current or renewal costs with your provider and use it to negotiate a better deal or to find one that satisfies your needs at a lower premium.

New Year Time To Reflect

The begining of a New Year is a time when most of us stop and take stock.  We reflect on the past year and set out to amend the things we want to change to enhance the quality of our lives.

A new begining sometime means a new job, viagra usa a career change or the start of a new business venture.

If you are about to start up a new business and are hungry for information but unsure of where to find it, BIZ Info Shop is a good place to start.

Whatever the question or problem e-mail and we will do our level best to find the answers for you and or point you in the right direction.

Wishing You A Very Happy And Proosperous New Year

Up And Running

BIZ Info Shop Is Now Active.

This site will bring you information and updates on issues and actions that are important to your business.  In particular if you are a new start up, pharm self employed individual or small business we will try to point you to the resources that are available to help you manage, control and grow your business.

This site will post frequent and topical articles covering finance, employment and management practices.

BIZ Info Shop will bring together in one place good quality products and services that offer real value in terms of benefits and costs.

At the moment you will find the following on the main site:

BIZ Accounting Service

A fixed price service starting from £7 per week.  Ideal for the sole trader who has little time or knowledge of recording and reporting trading activities

BIZ Bookkeeping

An internet based easy to access and simple to use bookkeeping system, BIZ Bookkeeping has many of the features of very expensive accounting packages from under £1 per week.  Get a 14 Day FREE Trial with absolutely no oblgation.

BIZ Insurance Quick Quote

Compare quotes using one simple form.   Find the best deal to suit your business and personal insurance needs.  It’s quick, easy and free to use with no obligations.